Neri Calculator by Neri Fill s.r.l.

After many years of  Cooling Tower design and production, we want to share our experience with people that are working in this field. We have developed an instrument, useful and easy to handle, for the quick and secure design and calculation of a project. Now we are able to offer  this program to you for the precise dimensioning of all types of cooling towers, even with different types of fill (splash or film).  You will be able to find out and solve all problems of design and to optimize the performance of the Cooling Tower. This program can be used for the design of a new project, for the upgrading of the performance of an existing counter flow tower and also just to verify the efficiency and working conditions of a tower.

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Package cooling tower

Cell max lenght 11.2m
Cell max width 3.6m

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1000 calculations during 2weeks (14days)
Field erected cooling

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100 calculations during 1day (24 hours)
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1000 calculations during 2weeks (14days)