Just some easy steps for the configuration will be enough to verify how good your project works, correlated of information regarding all phases of the process of function

1- Data imput

Put your data in to the fields. All fields have to be filled in with your data. The result is shown in the bad-good-best comparison box. If the data you gave is not possible, (for example: the water temperature "out" is higher than the water temperature "in" or the diameter of the fan is larger than one side of the tower), the box will turn red and you have to change the data.

2- Calculation and verification of the project:
Once all data points are given, click on "calculate" and after a few seconds (depending on the velocity of your system) the field gets colored and compared to the box above, you see:

Green: excellent
From White to green: ok
Red: not good

  • It's possible to optimize the calculation by changing some values. For example: by increasing the air velocity (the installed power will be reduced) or choosing a smaller tower you can reduce the cost.
  • The calculation might take some seconds, it’s not immediately.
  • The button "Reset all" allows you to cancel the modifications made after the last click on the "calculate" button.
  • The button "Reset all" does not allow you to cancel the last calculation made. The calculation might take some seconds, it's not immediate
  • The “Note and Case” box allows you to write remarks about this project. They will be saved by clicking “calculate”.
  • The bottom “calculate” is used for the calculation of the dimensioning but also saves all your input.

It’s known that much experience is needed to calculate the dimension of a cooling tower. Therefore we recommend you pay attention to the data that you feed in for the calculation. The most evident mistakes are indicated by the system itself coloring red the field with the wrong number. To get a more precise dimensioning, the field “Other PS” allows you to correct the pressure necessary for the tower (either empirically known, or calculated from the project). The theory used for the calculations and the formulas of the fill materials are taken from known technical literature. In any case we must decline any responsibility for wrong engineering on your project.